Custom Rod
Your Very Own Custom, Sophisticated Fly Rod
Weight: 0 to 12
Action: Medium- to Ultra-Fast
Colors: Custom
Etching: handwritten names, dates, and comments
Custom // Reach out to us for pricing!

What the boys at Yampa love most and do best—fully custom fly rods built specifically with the interests and style of the angler taking full control. Nothing is off the table. Rod weights from 0 to 12 to dial in your targeted fish and favorite lakes and streams; medium- to ultra-fast actions to complement your cast and get you and your rod working as one and not against each other; and an endless world of style and colors.
Show your swagger and style by building a rod that displays your team pride, matches your truck or boat, or the line/backing on that shiny new reel of yours. Custom touches also include fighting butts, titanium or chrome guides, and handwritten names, dates, and comments to make your rod unique to you. A great way to celebrate a milestone to ensure you never forget that wedding anniversary or special date! Check out the pictures of past rods and reach out to Paul and DJ and start planning your one of a kind fly rod.

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